Working with Lighthouse

This summer I have the privilege to work with Lighthouse Relief, a Swedish non-profit enterprise that helps provide emergency services to refugees. I’ve been assigned to the Ritsona Refugee Camp outside of Chalkida, Greece, where I will be assisting women and children in addition to working on the communications team.

Visit this blog for updates, photos, thoughts, etc.

2 thoughts on “Working with Lighthouse

  1. We are two professors from Canada and are involved with Syrian refugee children in Canada.
    We are in Greece for two weeks and would like to visit the Ritsona Refugee Camp.
    I was wondering how do we go about getting permission to do so.
    Any information would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Dimos,

      The Ritsona camp is open, anybody can drive in and see the camp. As locals in Chalkida for directions, they will know. Sorry I can’t provide those, I cannot remember (I’m back in the US now). The drive is about 25 minutes from the bridge in Chalkida.

      If you decide to go, please be sensitive and respectful. Ritsona is home to about 800 residents. It’s a tight community and everyone knows each other, especially volunteers. Kindly introduce yourself to refugees and volunteers because they are going to recognize you both as new people and wonder who you are. Children are very social and will welcome you. If a family invites you into their tent for tea, feel free to accept the offer. Enjoy the hospitality and conversation.

      Best of luck and let me know if I can help in any way.

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